Refining efficiency, innovating vision---- the Year-End Celebration of Xiamen Leading Optics in 2018 was held grandly
2019-02-14 9422

Embarking on new journey, this event was abrim with the youthful vigour and the flourishing prospect.
Farewell to 2018, we have achieved great honor with sweat, woven our dream with endeavor.
Welcome 2019! With efforts all together, we start the new journey in passion---- Refining efficiency, innovating vision.

Speech from the chairman
Paul Wu, the chairman of Xiamen Leading Optics, delivered the speech at the celebration, summerizing the past achievements, providing an outlook of the future development and expressing the sincere wishes to all the staff. The short yet meaningful speech not only mirrored the beautiful memory of Leading over the last year but inspired the whole company to more splendid development.

Award to the outstanding pacesetter
Time blew away the former days but witnessed the past glory as well. Over the history of sixteen years, we will never miss the footprint of superb personals shining on the road of chasing after dream. To commend the outstanding employee, cadre and team in 2018, and encourage the whole staff to make greater achievements in 2019, Leading Optics has offered such awards as Employee of the Year, Cadre of the Year and Team of the Year to those who possess the strategic vision, courage of innovation and devotion to work, making indelible contributions to the company development. Expectation was made that all staff would follow their example and make progress together.

Excitement continued 
There are such persons who convince people not only by their appearance but also talents. Thrilling music and hot dance, crosstalk and sketches, passing through the ancient and modern, combining the west and east, presented an audio-visual feast for the audience and aroused great excitements.

Good luck lasted
Nothing was more exciting than the lucky draw. With the same wish, we were all waiting...
1,2,3, congratulations to the lucky dogs!

The curtain fell in joys and laughs,
Leading bid farewell to 2018.
Yet the pursuit after Dream does not stop,
In 2019 we embrace brighter tomorrow hand in hand,
With loads of confidence!

What an unforgettable night! See you all next year!

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